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‘Pete and Dan’ Won’t Cut It! Alternative Names for Your Pub Quiz Team

Published on: 27 Nov 2015

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At the beginning of the pub quiz, it can seem like a great idea to pick the very first team name that springs to mind. That is until the final round of the night, when it dawns on you that once the scores are totted up the quizmaster will reel off the list of winners – and losers. You can handle the sheer head-hanging shame of winning the booby prize again, but can you hack the hecklers when Jim helpfully reads out your rather uninspired – and pretty embarrassing - team name.

The fact is, when it comes to a team name for the weekly pub quiz, ‘Pete and Dan’ just won’t do. I mean, does it really show off your general knowledge prowess anyway? And does it, more importantly, define who you are as a double act? After all, if you’re going to be on the losing team, at least do it with a bit of wit. 

So it’s time to get creative – because at least next week you might regain some of the pride you lost in losing the quiz during the last few months. So, we’ve put our thinking caps on to bring you some top tips for getting it right in the quiz name stakes because, well…these things are important.

Keep on Punning!

You might not be the most knowledgeable down the Hare and Hounds, but you can have a good go at being the wittiest – which, let’s be honest, counts for a lot in this game. It’s all about bravado, after all. You could go down the tried and trusted route and opt for something like the Quizzards of Oz, or you could get even more creative? What defines you as a team? Are you recognisable in any way? Use this to your advantage and turn it into something that helps you stand out – but for the right reasons. Move over Pete and Dan and say hello to…the Quizzee Rascals.

Keep it Clean

You’ve decided on a name, but is it clean – and, more importantly, family-friendly? You’ve always got to ask yourself: is this likely to offend someone? If the answer’s yes, don’t do it. After all, you’ve signed up for a good night down the pub with your pals, not a row with Sheila and Shirley from the next table. 

Hit on the Right Name? Stick With It

A great quiz team name will stick – and fast! So once you’ve hit on a good one, don’t be tempted to change it – we can guarantee John and Tom will nab it off you next week if you go with something else. Choose a good quiz team name and you’ll quickly become known for it – which is why it’s important not to go for something controversial (see point two). A little thought in the first instance is all that’s needed to ensure you can settle on something everyone’s happy with. Plus, it’ll work for any quizzes you head to as well. Give it some thought and your fellow quiz pals will be patting you on the back for weeks to come.