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Ice Bar London: Five ‘Cool’ Drinks You’ll Want to Try

Published on: 24 Nov 2015

ice bar london

Ah, the ice bar! It’s one of London’s most popular venues – and come rain or shine, hot weather or otherwise, bar hoppers will no doubt be queuing up to head inside. But what to drink once you’re in there? The question is where to start?

From aperitif cocktails to non-alcoholic ‘mocktails’, there really is something for everything in this ‘cool’ capital venue. Here’s just a few of our favourites you might like to try…

Walk in the Green – At just over £9, this isn’t a badly priced cocktail. Featuring Johnny Walker Black whiskey, Southern Comfort, Jägermeister, Crème de Cassis and chocolate bitter, it certainly packs a punch in the alcoholic stakes. With that in mind, this is less a post-work choice and more a ‘few specially-selected cocktails with friends’ option. Have more than a few of these and your night is likely to be over before it’s begun. Pace yourself, know your limits and enjoy only one or two of these!

My Dear Fruit – Featuring Martell VSOP cognac, Beefeater gin, apple liqueur, Grand Marnier, elderflower cordial and lemon juice, My Dear Fruit is known on the ice bar menu as an ‘in between’ drink. At just over £9, it’s a refreshing choice for any gin fan, featuring a tangy burst of lemon blended with apple and cool, crisp elderflower.

Purple Rain – Prince fans will love Purple Rain! With Absolut Kurant vodka, triple sec liqueur, crème du mure liqueur, blackberry puree and lime juice, this is another fruity favourite that’s best sipped to be truly enjoyed.

Mokito – Don’t be fooled by non-alcoholic cocktails; they can be almost as tempting as their alcoholic counterparts. The Mokito features fresh lime, fresh mint and apple juice – and you wouldn’t immediately guess you weren’t sipping on the real thing with this.

Apple and Blackberry Pie – Winter in a glass, this warm cocktail – which serves up to five people and costs £28 – is absolutely delicious. With Absolut vodka, crème de mure, blackberry puree, apple juice and vanilla syrup, this is served on Friday and Saturday and makes the perfect early evening refreshment to help you get the night started.

Tinsel Town – Serving up to 15 people, the Tinsel Town punch bowl is another great choice. Order it if you’re heading for after-work drinks, post Christmas-meal cocktails, or simply if you’re just starting your evening. Combining Absolut peach vodka, crème de apricot, peach puree, passionfruit, pomegranate juice and prosecco, this is a real ice bar classic. Add to that fresh peaches and you have an alcoholic concoction that packs a refreshing punch. 

As ever, make sure you drink responsibly and know your limits – particularly during the Christmas period when the alcohol is more free-flowing. Make sure to visit a restaurant to fill your stomach beforehand! Alternatively, try one of the Ice Bar’s mocktails for all the flavour with no fear of a hangover in the morning – result!