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Round of Pub Golf? Here’s How to do it Right

Published on: 20 Nov 2015

pub golf

Consider the last time you went on a bar crawl and didn’t see a load of fellas dressed in golfing gear – and we’re not talking the time you stopped at your local golf club either. The fact is, a round of ‘pub golf’ is still a failsafe bar crawl option when it comes to ensuring you all keep the pace when out with the lads – or lasses.

With pub golf, there’s no time for the pals who want to slowly sink a pint – it’s a quick drink here, and a swift drink there, with the end goal being to have pretty much visited every watering hole in town.  

A stag and hen do favourite, it’s a great – and easy – way to bring everyone together and ensure you stop off at as many places as possible. Silly golfing gear is, of course, a must; in fact, you’re just not doing it right if you don’t look the part. But that’s just the start of this bar-crawling sport; we’ve compiled some tips to ensure you’re doing it right, wherever you end up. Read on…

Set Out Your Course – Pub golf doesn’t start until you’ve set out your course around the town you’re ‘playing in’. You do this simply by selecting pubs, bars and clubs and choosing a drink a ‘player’ has to order in that place. For instance, you may opt to play a 9-hole course, with your first hole going something like this: Pub ‘The Farmer’s Arms’, Drink: Cider. You then simply repeat this process in as many pubs as you can handle, ensuring you vary the drink from pub to pub.

Keep Scores – Scores are generally set out at the beginning of the night, with a figure allocated to each pub. This is based on the amount of drinks, swigs or sips a player has to take from his or her drink per ‘hole’, or pub. If, for example, a player downs a drink – they’ve got a hole in one, which obviously equates to a higher score.

Accessorise – Pub golf just wouldn’t be the same without the daft accessories that go hand in hand with the ‘sport’. If you’re getting involved, you’ll want to look the part; think trousers, chequered tops and baseball caps, along with the obligatory plastic golf club if you really want to go all out. 

Keep an Eye on Stragglers – If you’re in a group, it’s important you keep everyone close by. The trouble with pub golf is you can be moving on so quickly it can be easy to take your eye off the ball (pun intended) and misplace a player or two. Don’t let this happen and instead make sure you stay together. Choose a smaller group of pub golfers if needs be – to ensure the game is more fun - and ultimately safer.

Know Your Limits – As with any pub crawl, it’s important you know your limits. Drink responsibly and always ensure friends or family members are on hand to take you home if needs be. After all you don't want to be barred by all the pub managers in town!