Our Environmental Policy

We love to serve food in the most natural way possible.  Nature’s bounty means everything to us.  Therefore, we must do what we can to protect it. We’ve made it our mission to reduce our carbon footprint and every day we are finding new and innovative ways to raise environmental awareness such as promoting bottle returns on our milk and incentivising customers to reuse carrier bags.  Our carrier bags are bio-degradable and if you reuse our bags you will receive a 10 pence discount on your shopping for each bag used.  If you reuse any other branded bag, we will still give a discount, of 5 pence per bag.  We also have jute and cotton bags available to buy for re-use, both of which are included in the money back scheme.

Bayley & Sage

We are very aware of the use of plastic in our stores, and we are continually working on reducing the level of usage and replacing with natural materials wherever possible.  90% of our packaging is either recyclable, bio-degradable or bio-compostable. We are working hard on bringing this percentage up to 100%.

Most of our product packaging is made from plants and 100% compostable, so it can return back into the soil within 50 days. Crafted from carefully chosen materials that have been designed to have minimal harmful effects on the environment.

  • 100% compostable / bio-degradable
  • made from plants not oil
  • wide range of products
  • only quality certified INGEO PLA

Disposable Cutlery: knives, forks and spoons are made from Potato Starch (not from plastic)– 100% bio-compostable.

Heavy Board Soup Containers-98% compostable.

Brown KraftVitality Bar Boxes and Sandwiches boxes– 100% biodegradable.

Dessert pots– 100% bio-compostable INGEO PLA.

Coffee Cups– 100% bio-compostable.

Cup Carrier trays and Wooden Stirrers -100% biodegradable.

Napkins-100% recycled, made from post-consumer Waste and unbleached.

You can use our water filter at Parkgate Road store to fill your water flask for free. We are supporting One Less, a charity devoted to reducing the amount of single use plastic bottles. 

We believe it is our responsibility to conserve energy and reduce our waste to ensure that our country will remain beautiful for generations to come.

Bayley & Sage