Our ethos

At Gymfinity Kids, we believe that every child is an individual. Every child develops at a different pace and has different strengths and abilities. Therefore, we want to ensure that every child is happy, focused and challenged in the class that they are in.

To enable every child to develop to their fullest ability we ensure every member receives a 15-minute evaluation to guarantee they are in the right class for them. We care that every child learns and develops at a speed that is right for them.

Our goal is to inspire kids to keep fit, improve their health, strength and wellbeing, but above all to have fun. We’ll take your child’s love of being active to Gymfinity…and beyond!

We help kids develop the skills to cope with new challenges, socialise with others, and improve coordination skills by providing a high standard of coaching, a wide range of classes, and a state of the art environment that is fun for all levels and abilities.

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