Our concept

The history of the udon noodle goes back centuries and the mastering of noodle making is at the core of Marugame Udon. Tradition and authenticity are often words that are thrown about and used in sometimes a too easy way when it comes to ethnic restaurants. But with Marugame Udon, these words are truly the foundation of this exciting, energetic, and high-volume concept.

It is Marugame Udon’s commitment to tradition and authenticity that has helped it grow to be the largest Japanese restaurant franchise company in the world, with nearly 1,200 restaurants across the globe. The founder, Takaya Awata, is still the President and leader of Marugame Udon as well as 9 other brands and over 1,700 restaurants worldwide. His company, Toridoll Holdings Corporation, based in Tokyo, is now an internationally recognized and respected restaurant company with a goal of becoming one of the top ten restaurant brands by 2025, with up to 6,000 total restaurants.

The focus on high quality food, great value pricing, high theater and guest experience, a strong sense of hospitality, and a versatile platform of dine-in, convenient takeaway, delivery and on-line ordering allows guests to choose what mood they are in and what works best for them.

Our 5 working philosophies

  1. Commit to Earnest udon
  2. Show a little subtle thoughtfulness
  3. Create a lively kitchen
  4. Do the right thing
  5. Provide nourishment for all