A brand new independent restaurant: all the flavours of Italy, all the relaxed buzz of Brighton.

Remember your first bowl of linguine alle vongole, the duck ragu at a Tuscan roadside cafe that blew your mind, aged Parmesan cut from a wheel at the table, eating warm grape focaccia from a paper bag in Monterosso?

Tutto is built on Italian food memories - ours and yours. In the elegant surroundings of a former banking hall, you'll find all the things you love about eating and drinking in Italy: the open-armed welcome, the long chats over good wine, tomatoes that taste of sunshine, endless laughter and great times with family and friends.

If you have a passion for great ingredients but want to learn more, if you love the italian way of hosting and want to work in a relaxed but buzzing environment where individuality is celebrated and hours are flexible, come and join the team.

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