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First Time Going to Camp?

So you’re hoping to head out to summer camp in America? There are a few costs involved but also decent salaries to make!

If you’re looking for an incredible unforgettable summer, where you will cover the costs of going out to camp and have some money in your back pocket to go travelling with then Wild Packs are the agency for you. Our camps will pay a salary of around $1600 US dollars. Most camps will offer this amount as a minimum however depending on your skill set and experience you could be looking at receiving a higher salary.

We do not charge applicants for an interview or to apply online. This is unlike any other UK summer camp agency, who all have either an interview and/or an application fee in place! We firmly believe in making sure you are the right person for the job, and that it’s something you really want to do before any costs are involved.

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(For applicants applying outside the UK you will be charged the current conversion rate)

Wild Packs will credit your program fees with £50 for one friend that you recommend to Wild Packs, who hasn’t been to camp before and isn’t already in talks with any camps. Your friend must then be accepted, pay their Proof of Intent and be placed for your credit to be used. Please read through the terms and conditions for more details, or talk to a member of the Wild Packs team.

Your program costs cover your visa paperwork, SEVIS and comprehensive medical insurance whilst at camp. You will also have access to 24 hr support whilst in the US for the entire duration of stay should the need arise.

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The aim is to break even on paper, and come home with a little extra to play with but do not forget that food, training and accommodation is all included at no additional charge. Take that into consideration and it’s a pretty sweet deal. Are you going to come home with your salary? Well you might but it’s unlikely as 99% of folk go travelling around America after camp and blow it all in Disney World.


Let’s dispel another myth. Flights are never free. Some other agencies claim to offer this but they simply charge your camp for these, which in turns means you get paid less! Our camps want to see you organising your own flight because you can get a better deal if you do it yourself and it shows them that you can be responsible for your own travel. Of course we will still help you find the best deals out there.

Once placed, your travel to camp arrangements will be sent to you by camp. Using this information you can shop around for the best deal but we strongly recommend you give StudentUniverse a call before you commit. Their support is second to none and we have nothing but positive things to say about our own experiences of using them. See the flights page for more information!

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